Motorized hand prosthesis

Haifa 3D

Taga 2.0 – Family bike

Taga bikes

Food allergens detection device


We design stylish and useful gadgets, home appliances, sports equipment, baby toys and basically everything that can be considered a consumer product

Fruit water

Jafora Tabori

Electric scooter super charger

Store Dot

Akku-Chek Solo – Packaging for insulin pump kit

Roche / Medingo

We will help you to create a disruptive offer to your customers by harnessing innovation, deep understanding of consumers needs and extensive business experience

PulseNmore ES – At home ultrasound device


Scala rider Sho1 – Handsfree for Shoei helmets

Cardo / Shoei

Climate control thermostat line


Me – Hair removal device

Syneron Beauty

CoreAlign – Pilates equipment

Balanced Body

Folding hair brush

FLO / Sephora

Automated pill box


Home router

SolidRun / Asahinet

Taga bikes UX

Taga bikes

StarShow Xperience

Starshow Entertainment - USA


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