Maverick – Inline printer for ceramics


SPECT/CT – Imaging system

Molecular Dynamics

Printing inspection machine product line


Taga designs, develops and produces large machines for startups and large companies

Neos - PCB solder mask printer

KLA / Orbotech

Beam – On-demand packaging machine


We have designed macro printers of different types, 3D printers, packaging machines, inspection machines, industrial equipment and large medical equipment such as MRI, CT and more

Eden260V - 3D printer

Stratasys / Objet

Ultra Fusion - PCB inspection machine

KLA / Orbotech

Angio mentor suite - Medical simulator

3D systems - Simbionix

On deamend packaging machine


Wafer robot phoenix


We design, engineer and produce metal sheet structures, metal covers and large plastic parts, we have wide knowhow with regards to mechanisms and challenges related to large machines

Proton therapy system


Pulse – On deamend packaging machine


This page include some examples of our work. For more information and a free consultation meeting please contact us and we will get back to you shortly

Exablate – MR guided focused ultrasound


Optima - NM SPECT/CT system

GE Healthcare

IDS 250 – Printer for cylindrical containers