Auryon – Atherectomy laser system

AngioDynamics (Eximo)

MoonRun – VR running

Harmony Time

T-edge10 – Autoclave


Taga designs, develops and produces products for large companies and startups. Our serial production services includes production of tooling, parts and final products, sophisticated assembly lines, quality assurance, packaging and logistics

Akku-Chek Solo – Packaging for insulin pump kit

Roche / Medingo

Bravo - Delivery device for PH monitoring capsule

Medtronic / Given Imaging

Pixi - Dental apex locator


Smart shelving system


Boss - Brillouin ophthalmic scanner system

Intelon Optics

We have build several production lines in China, Taiwan, Israel and the USA that include an array of suppliers of plastic parts, metals, electronics, textiles, wood, painting, assembly, packaging and more

EyeSwift - Eye-tracking based vision assessment


Bravo - Recorder for PH monitoring capsule

Medtronic / Given Imaging

Vuze+ – 360 3D camera


Precision VR - Virtual reality medical visualization platform

Surgical Theater

Check out this page for projects in which Taga took a major part in the serial production. For more information contact us and we will get back to you shortly

Neurorecovery sistem

Brain Q