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Taga bikes UX

Taga bikes

E-commerce and social media for a winning product

Taga Bike is a safe and versatile family bike, designed especially for urban families on the go.


It has two models: Taga 1.0 bike stroller and Taga 2.0. The bike business was managed by the Dutch company Taga Bikes which was partially owned by Taga, hence giving Taga the responsibility for all UX/UI activities.


As part of the marketing strategy, Taga Bikes built

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Strategy Research User experience design User interface design


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Dreams Taking Shape

The Dream

To create a new brand and launch a new line of family bikes using powerful UX/UI and marketing activities.

The Outcome

Taga Bikes became highly popular and sold successfully in more than 40 countries, mostly based on online sales which were powered by digital content.

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