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Folding hair brush

FLO / Sephora

Reinventing the hair brush

Whether it is on a business trip, keeping regularly in your makeup bag, in the office drawer, or for a night outside the home, almost everyone wishes to have a foldable and compact hair brush at reach. This product was made for one purpose – to be as lightweight and compact as possible, and allow the user to pull it out wherever, whenever, without it taking space in your bag.


It’s a small and foldable alternative that can be opened for a useful brush in a matter of seconds


Beyond the great functionality that such a hairbrush has, it can also be used as a nice gift for airline passengers, at company conferences, or as a branded giveaway.


The idea was to try to

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Dreams Taking Shape

The Dream

To create a functional, low-cost product that has a unique feature and can be easily branded.

The Outcome

Taga has designed, engineered, and manufactured prototypes for a simple, smart, inexpensive, and easy-to-use hairbrush which is being sold now worldwide.

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