Pulse – Urology laser product line


Exablate – MR guided focused ultrasound


Aesthetic systems product Line


Taga designs, develops and produces medical carts of various types – for diagnostics, surgery, aesthetic devices, laboratory equipment and more. Check this page for examples of medical carts that we designed and developed

Aesthetic treatment medical cart

Home Skinovations

Pure VU - Colonoscopy device

Motus GI

Precision VR - Virtual Reality medical visualization platform

Surgical Theater

Auryon – Atherectomy laser system

AngioDynamics (Eximo)

Stellar M22 - Modular platform for skin treatments


Vibro-Cath - Peripheral artery disease catheter system


Mazor X – Robotic system for spine surgery


Hybrid - Laser system for skin rejuvination and scar treatment

Alma Lasers

We are experienced with all medical carts aspects: structure, mobility, selection and integrations of touch screens, RFI/EMI aspects, heat dissipation, connection of hand-pieces, stability, floor space, storage, sterilisation and compliance with strict medical regulations

Soprano Titanium - Hair removal system

Alma Lasers

B-Matrix – In vitro diagnostics (IVD) platform

Picodya Technologies

Bodytite - Facial and body contouring platform


System for aeasthethic treatments

Syneron Candela

Aer-O-Scope - Colonoscope workstation

GI View

We can help you to select and source off-the-shelf carts which address your needs or design, develop and manufacture a customised cart based on your specific requirements. Contact us for a free consultation meeting

Multy application system for aesthetic treatment


Piqo - Tatoo removal system


System for aeasthethic treatments

Syneron Candela

Hominis - Robotic assisted surgery mobile workstation

Memic Innovative Surgery

Angio Mentor Suite - Medical simulator

3D systems - Simbionix

Ultrashape Power – Body contouring device

Syneron Candela