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Vuze XR – Dual mode camera


Tell your story from any angle

Vuze XR is an innovative dual-mode camera, which can capture the entire 360° environments in a single shot or turn into a true 3D 180° camera with one click.


Vuze XR is perfect for traveling, sports, family events, parties, and more. It allows you to shoot videos and still images without the need to “point and shoot” like in traditional cameras.


The company’s unique patented technology stitches the video capture, so you can see a seamless 2D 360° or 3D 180° view or select the best image in a specific view, after shooting.


Vuze XR has a high resolution of 5.7K. It lets you upload the videos and images directly to the cloud or live broadcast your videos to social media networks such as Facebook, WeChat, or Instagram.


Taga’s task, as defined by HumanEyes, was to create

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Strategy Research Industrial design User experience design User interface design Design for production


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Dreams Taking Shape

The Dream

To create the best 360 camera in the market.

The Outcome

We have designed a beautiful and iconic dual-mode camera, which opens at a click, changes the way people shoot videos, and won 7 design and industry awards. .

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