DVB-S2X SDR – 500 MHz modem


Commander control system


Extreme fast power bank charger

Storedot / Docomo

For more than 30 years we are designing beautiful comprehensive telecommunication devices, to view some of our projects click on the images.

Xtender – Antenna and portable system for live broadcast


SpeedRay – Settalite antenna for vehicles

Raysat / Gilat

Our designs participate every year in design award competitions, we won more than 70 prizes over the years.

Connecto – home office communicator

ITS / Sony-Ericson

Home router

SolidRun / Asahinet

Scala rider Sho1 – Handsfree for Shoei helmets

Cardo / Shoei

Check this page for examples of communication products that Taga designed and developed. For more information and a free consultation meeting please contact us