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Ultrapulse – CO2 medical / aesthetic laser


Versatility and modularity in the forefront

Ultrapulse is a state-of-the-art surgical console, based on a CO2 laser, enabling a wide range of surgery types, using powerful laser beams with maximum accuracy. It allows the surgical procedure to become simple, pre-planned, and accurate possible, especially in delicate areas with many complexities. Ultrapulse can penetrate deeper than any other laser.


Taga was asked to design the digital user interface

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Research User experience design User interface design


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Dreams Taking Shape

The Dream

To create a friendly user interface for a powerful and modular laser surgery system.

The Outcome

The versatility of the digital interface designed by Taga UX/UI experts extends the surgical capabilities and allows the physician to address a broad range of clinical indications with a single system.

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